About me

I'm Sophie Quinn. For 3.5 years I went to a handful of doctors, a psychiatrist, 3 psychologists, a life coach, an acupuncturist and 2 chiropractors. All gave me the same diagnosis: I'm a skinny (which apparently equated to healthy) girl who gets panic attacks and works a sedentary job. Yet I knew there was something more wrong with me. So I got on a waiting list for a new practice in my city, Parkview Integrative Medicine, and two years later they called to schedule an appointment. Having completely forgotten about them and just started yet another head med, I had nothing to lose by making an appointment. 

That first appointment was four hours long. Comprehensive. And yes, stuff was wrong; Lots of stuff. It was explained to me like a wheel on a bike. Multiple spokes keep a bike wheel intact, and if one spoke is broken the wheel doesn't roll. Imagine the spokes on a human wheel being gut health, physical health, mental health, emotional health, etc. 

Diagnosing every broken spoke after just one appointment was impossible so this is where we started: 1. Leaky gut which translates into not having enough good gut bacteria. It is likely caused by numerous hospitalizations from food poisoning starting in childhood. 2. A hormonal imbalance from never leveling back to normal after having a baby a few years ago. 3. PTSD. That one threw me for a loop. I knew I had some unique childhood experiences. But after answering a few questions about being a kid, the doctor felt what I considered a different perspective to be neurological damage. 

This website is about my journey to cease feeling like shit. On the Results page you will find my lifestyle changes and the outcomes of being my own guinea pig. The Research pages contains topics about chemicals in our lives and how to reduce ingesting as much toxic crap as possible. Toxic crap tends to be delicious so this section will be mostly the 'results' of my reading and rambling. The Recipes are self-explanatory. Cooking has been my passion since early adulthood so there is an emotional component to this blog. Eating for me has been redefined, challenging and rewarding in ways I never expected. 

Prior to that first appointment, I had no idea 70-95% of my seratonin was made in my gut. I've spent 20 years taking different pills to replace something I thought was in my brain but is actually made in my stomach. Maybe you have too. Or maybe you feel good already but want to feel really damn good. Whatever your reason for reading my site, I hope it helps in some way even if just to confirm we are all struggling to keep our bike spokes intact.