Dietary Results: Round Two

Before I get to the results of my hormone and stool tests, I’m providing the results of a little self-experiment. My second EMDR session fell on day 86 of consciously being gluten and dairy free, limiting corn, soy and sugar. ALL I wanted to do when I walked out of that session was do some good ol’ emotional eating at the Indian buffet by my house. I text a couple people that I was going to emo eat some wheat and dairy (secretly hoping they’d persuade me otherwise). The responses were wish I could meet you there or that sounds delicious. No one said you’ll poop for two days straight, contemplate napping during the workday, ache all over and generally be an unmotivated, pain in the ass. Next time I get the urge to eat my feelings I will drive to the co-op and buy a piece or two of their homemade gluten free, dairy free chocolate cake. Almost the same comfort but without all the unpleasant consequences.

Several days later, I was able to log into Genova Labs and see my test results prior to my doctor’s appointment. The results looked scary with graphs and percentages, but it turns out it wasn’t as bad as my doctor expected. Basically, I have high estrogen and low lipids in my gallbladder. My body isn’t making the right enzymes to carry estrogen out of my system, and my gallbladder isn’t breaking down fats to absorb nutrients in my food. My yeast, cortisol and melatonin were all good, same with the “good” bacteria levels that come from taking a probiotic.

The most interesting part of this appointment was when I asked if the high estrogen was related to having a baby three years ago. My doctor said this too is gut-related. During lows of prior failed treatments, I would occasionally wonder if the best part of my life, my son, was a catalyst for feeling like shit. It is an awkward relief to know I would have suffered an internal breakdown regardless of getting pregnant. My gut had been failing for years and having a baby didn’t make the dominos fall any faster.

To treat the estrogen, I now take a daily supplement called estrodim. It should level out my estrogen and raise my testosterone (because the two work hand in hand). To help with nutrient absorption, I take 1 ox bile pill after eating a few bites of food at each meal. This has been the hardest supplement to remember because stopping mid-meal to take an itty bitty bill is completely foreign. I’ve put a few and in my wallet, kitchen, office… basically everywhere to help me remember.

My updated supplements are:

1.       Thorne Research Basic Nutrients (multi vitamin) 2 pills

2.       Ortho molecular Ortho Biotic (probiotic) 1 pill

3.       Ortho molecular Orthomega (fish oil) 1 pill

4.       Metagenics Mag Glycinate (Magnesium)-went from 1 to 2 pills a day (am and pm)

5.       Now brand Aloe 1 pill

6.       200 mg Gabapentin- went from 100 mg at night to 100 mg am and pm (prescription drug)

7.       10mg Trintellix- increased from 5 mg to 10 mg (head med) 

8.        Ortho molecular Estrodim- 1 pill at night

9.        Allergy Research Group Ox Bile – 1 pill with each meal

This brings my daily pill total to 14. Thus far, the only side effect is the estrodim making me sleep more soundly.  In a couple months, I retest the B and D vitamin levels, along with the magnesium. I hope to add in another magnesium and possibly another aloe, but the magnesium is chalky and the hardest to swallow so I’ll revisit it after the retest. I don’t go back to the doctor until those tests are performed so for a couple months I am focusing on the EMDR. My doctor says the stress of the EMDR is bound to negatively affect my gut. So counteract that, there will be no random gorging of off-limit food, adherence to my supplement schedule and an extra focus on journaling as a release. Staying focused on healing.